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  • “Unbelievable fee structure!” Every baby boomer heading for Medicare should join. A fixed fee for personal health management with the benefits of disaster care covered by private insurance or Medicare… a no brainer.” - John Kells, PhD, CEO, Aeron Lifecycles Clincal Laboratory
  • “Within the first 10 weeks of engaging Dr. Robinson, I have lost 35 pounds and I’ve been able to reduce the number of medications I was taking dramatically. I feel 100% better and 100% more productive. Wow, what a difference. I’ve never had better care or better service from a physician!” - Ford K, Palm Harbor, FL
  • “Almost immediately after joining Dr. Robinson’s practice, I had a medical issue. Dr. Robinson saw me immediately and gave me 100% of her attention. No waiting in a crowded waiting room with other sick patients while you wait seemingly forever to get your turn for the doctor’s five minutes of time. Dr. Robinson and her staff make me feel special every time I have contact with them.”- Robert Arroyo, MBA, AAMS, Accredited Asset Management Specialist, Financial Advisor

Meet Stacey J. Robinson, MD

Stacey Robinson, MD decided to start her own practice so that she could give patients the time, accessibility, and close relationship that they deserve from a family doctor.

Board Certified - Family Medicine & Integrative Medicine

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Stacey Robinson, MD

Meet David Robinson, MD

After practicing Anesthesia and Pain Management for over 20 years, Dr. Robinson was drawn to alternative ways to treat and prevent the problems that he consistently saw while practicing medicine.

Board Certified Anesthesiology

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David Robinson, MD


Reboot ReCharge July 10, 2016

Join us at the July ReBoot ReCharge event for a light breakfast and tour of Faith House to learn about the facility that provides a living facility for people rebuilding their lives due to addiction.

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Recipe of the Month– Overnight Oats

There are several advantages of having overnight oats for breakfast – there is no cooking required, they are prepared the night before and it is healthy and delicious. There are a vast number of recipe combinations so you can be creative!

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Empowering Patients to Achieve Optimal Health

Empowering Patients to Achieve Optimal Health

By building life-long, doctor-patient relationships that are focused on the patients’ goals and based upon mutual respect and trust.

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Hydrate with Infused Water

One of the key components of health is adequate intake of water. Every system in your body depends on water – to flush toxins out of vital organs, carry nutrients to your cells, provide a moist environment for your tissues, and keep your bowels regular.

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Road Map to Health: 7 Steps to Alter Your Destination

Dr. Stacey Robinson’s book is now available to order online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This book will give you the tools you need to make simple, daily changes to achieve optimal health.

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