ReCODE (reversing cognitive decline) and PreCODE (prevention of cognitive decline) are personalized therapeutic programs that target and treat the root cause of cognitive decline and degenerative conditions of the brain.

Bredesen ReCODE

Preventive and Rehabilitative

The ReCODE and PreCODE programs can be used both as a preventative measure against cognitive decline and as a rehabilitative treatment for those looking to reverse their neurodegenerative conditions.

How Does It Work?

ReCODE and PreCODE begin where all other functional treatments do: with a patient’s unique history and characteristics, including:

  • Health history
  • Lifestyle
  • Nutrition and physical activity level
  • Genetics
  • Environmental exposures

What Does It Do?

Pioneered by Dr. Dale Bredesen, the ReCode Program consists of a “Cognoscopy,” which is an in-depth analysis of a patient’s biomarkers through a variety of tests which may include blood, urine, stool, and saliva. The aim of this comprehensive evaluation is to find the many factors behind the underlying cause of neurodegeneration. The Cognoscopy begins with a new consultation and follow-up visit to review results and a personalized treatment plan to prevent and/or reverse cognitive decline by targeting all of its underlying causes.

The Treatment Process

Once the cognoscopy is performed, a personalized treatment plan is created to either prevent or reverse cognitive decline by targeting all of its underlying causes.

First: New Consultation Appointment
Your First two appointments are designed to review comprehensive health history, current concerns, lifestyle habits, and to establish baseline cognitive function and measure biomarker testing to determine what is driving any cognitive decline and/or increased risk of developing future cognitive decline.

  • Physician review of previous pertinent records, labs, imaging, intake questionnaires
  • Initial Appointment with physician (90-minute) reviewing medical and family history, medications and supplements, specific concerns about cognitive decline, comprehensive lab workup, MoCA testing, personalized written plan, and discussion of other assessments (Cq Assessment or CNS Vital Signs), and discussion of brain training with BrainHQ.
  • Blood draw for initial labs (done in-house and can be done at initial visit if requested in advance)
  • First Follow-up Appointment with physician (90 minute) will include detailed lab review and next steps (including discussion of glucose/ketone monitoring), and a review of baseline ReCODE Report. A personalized action plan will be created based on your specific, individualized needs.
Next: Subsequent Follow-up Appointments
The goal is to bring all your biomarkers into range which realistically takes some time. These appointments allow us to continue working together as you optimize your cognitive health. We recommend a minimum of 6-12 months to discover root causes, develop a treatment program, and work on correcting those over time.

  • Blood draw (in-house or outside lab based on patient preference) for recheck of biomarkers
  • 90-minute follow-up physician visits (recommended every 3 months)
    • Review of biomarkers and new ReCODE Report
    • Access progress with components of lifestyle changes including nutrition, exercise, stress reduction techniques, brain training/stimulation, sleep
    • Review of CNS Vital Signs and BrainHQ
    • Repeat MOCA testing
    • Revised written plan
  • Virtual visits as needed
    • Troubleshoot difficult areas
    • Assess any challenges with lifestyle changes
    • Review of blood sugar and ketones
Add-On Optional Services If Recommended
  • Genetic Testing
  • IV Nutritional Therapy
  • MAH IV Ozone
  • Infrared Sauna
  • PEMF Bemer therapy

Participants are encouraged to include health coaching and/or dietician support and will be referred to Bredesen-trained ReCODE Health Coach and/or dietitian.

For participants who do not live within a convenient distance, initial appointments and at least 1 visit per year must be in person and the remainder can be telemedicine visits.

MOCA Cognitive Assessment

To determine if the ReCODE or PreCODE program is right for you, we perform a MOCA cognitive assessment. This 20 minute in-office cognitive assessment will provide us with a score that signifies your level of your cognitive ability. With this score, we determine how you will best benefit from the program.

For all of our patients with a MOCA score of 23 or higher:

100% have seen no significant worsening of cognitive decline

40% of them have seen improvement in cognitive function

Of our patients with MOCA under 23:

10% were able to follow the program with the help of a caregiver and have not seen any progression of their symptoms

Of our patients with a MOCA score above 28 and following our PreCODE program:

100% have not developed any cognitive impairment, including those with the Alzheimer’s E4/E4 genetic pattern. Patients with E4/E4 have 70-80% risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease without any intervention.

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