Do you need help with your goal to eat healthier?

Do you want to get a jump start on your weight loss goals?

Do you want to feel and sleep better and have more energy?

Clean Slate program is a 21-day clean eating adventure. This will also be a break from gluten, dairy, soy and eggs which, for many people promote inflammation that sabotages efforts to lose weight and get healthier. After 21-days off of these foods, you will introduce them back into your diet one-at-a-time to see whether these foods are causing health issues.

During this online group program, I will also teach you how and provide recipes and tips for eating a delicious, clean diet – free of preservatives, pesticides, chemicals and processed ingredients. Let us motivate you through our exclusive online program created by the Robinson MD team to help you get on track with your nutrition and health goals.

It is best to sign up on a Sunday so that your food shopping and prep days fall on a Friday

Get in tune with your body

  • Easy to follow weekly meal plans
  • Delicious recipes & shopping lists
  • Proven tips & valuable information
  • Member interaction on our Clean
    Slate Facebook group