Cognitive Decline Treatment in St. Pete

Our holistic approach to cognitive decline treatment includes a lifestyle-driven, science-based approach. Here’s a closer look at what that means.

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Bredesen ReCODE

Defining Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline is a type of impairment that consists of increased confusion, the inability to concentrate or learn new things, and/or memory loss. Mild forms of cognitive decline are not uncommon, especially in individuals over the age of 65. Dementia is a more pronounced form of cognitive decline: it impairs a person’s ability to perform basic functions, and it is degenerative. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, affecting 60-80% of dementia patients.

The Reality of Dementia

Dementia, which includes but is not limited to Alzheimer’s, affects more than 1 in 9 people over the age of 65. It’s estimated that up to 14 million Americans will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s alone by 2060.

Source: CDC

What a Diagnosis Means

A dementia diagnosis can be devastating, but it does not signal the end of your options. In fact, it can provide a framework for the treatment you or your loved one are able to receive. Even if you don’t have a dementia diagnosis, you have options for dementia prevention.


The Traditional Approach

The traditional approach to dementia involves little to no prevention. Once a patient receives a diagnosis, traditional treatment focuses on temporarily alleviating the symptoms of dementia, not achieving remission or preventing further cognitive decline.

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To learn more about Bredesen ReCode, check out our video all about it.

Bredesen ReCode Explained

Bredesen ReCode was pioneered by Professor Dale Bredesen throughout more than 30 years of research. This approach posits that dementia can have numerous causes – and, as a result, its treatment requires a multifaceted approach. By implementing lifestyle changes geared toward a patient’s holistic wellness, Bredesen ReCode seeks to slow the progression of dementia. Some of the lifestyle changes outlined by the program include:

  • Tracking and optimizing a patient’s quality and quantity of sleep
  • Prioritizing gut health and nutrition through customized eating plans
  • Consistent exercise in the form of cardiovascular activity and strength training
  • Minimizing stress factors in the patient’s life
  • Taking care of oral and dental health

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To learn more about Bredesen ReCode, check out our video all about it.

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What Does It Do?

Pioneered by Dr. Dale Bredesen, the Protocol consists of a “Cognoscopy,” which is an in-depth analysis of a patient’s biomarkers (including thorough genetic and blood tests). The aim of this cognoscopy is to find the factors behind the underlying cause of neurodegeneration.

The Treatment Process

Once the cognoscopy is performed, a personalized treatment plan is created to either prevent or reverse cognitive decline by targeting all of its underlying causes.

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