Dr. Robinson’s functional and concierge medicine center helps you feel better with their individualized attention and excellent health care. When you get compassionate care, it empowers you to achieve the best health possible so that every aspect of your life is successful. Concierge medicine is gaining popularity with each day and patients are benefitting from the priceless expertise Dr. Robinson offers them. You can save time and a lot of headache with concierge service when you do not have to wait in queues half a day to spend 5 minutes with a doctor.

Services offered

Not only do you save time with a concierge service but also cut down on your medication. Dr. Robinson has a mission of making the lives of her patients better and more productive and this shows in the many satisfied testimonials to her credit. From blood draws, injections, pap smear and routine immunization to flu and strep testing, nutritional guidance, urinalysis and ear irrigation, you can confidently walk into Dr. Robinson’s center for a plethora of medical issues.

Massage therapy at Dr. Robinson’s

In addition to relaxation and rest, you get various physical and emotional benefits from massage therapy. More and more people are turning to Robinson MD for a relaxing massage so that they can relieve stress, anxiety, and headaches. A massage also improves your blood circulation and posture while reducing blood pressure. With relaxed muscles and a relaxed state of mind, it is easier to deal with everyday life. You can also enjoy a massage with aromatherapy oils at Robinson MD that offers a unique method of touch for the greatest benefits.

About St. Petersburg, FL

Part of the Tampa Bay area, St. Petersburg is a city on the gulf coast. Also known as the Sunshine City, it has a pleasant weather making it a great place for boating, fishing, golfing and beach going. When in the city, you must also visit the Mahaffey Theater, home of the Florida Orchestra; as well as the Museum of Fine Arts and Dali Museum.