Concierge medicine is fast gaining popularity and you can benefit from it if you live in Dunedin. Dr. Stacey J Robinson and her team at Robinson MD Functional & Concierge Medicine offers individual attention and care for all their patients in Dunedin. These services allow you to get excellent, compassionate care without having to line up to see your family doctor anymore. You can now achieve optimal service and be less anxious about you and your loved one’s health as Dr. Robinson is available via emails, texts or, cellphone 24/ 7 for her patients.

You will receive undivided attention at our center and, contrary to an office where the doctor spends only a few minutes with you, Dr. Robinson spends at least 30 minutes with each of her patients. Once you get to our center, you are seen right away and guided to the best of specialists and facilities as required. After your appointment, our team designs a specialized treatment plan for you. In order to ensure you achieve your goals, your progress is tracked continuously. The functional medicine treatment prescribed by Dr. Robinson will not merely treat your symptoms but take in account the root cause of your illness, the aim being to restore of your body’s natural ability to heal.

Functional and Concierge Services

The concierge medicine at our center saves you time in addition to reducing the amount of medication you have been taking for your condition. Our mission is to help make your life more productive and that is why we also offer other routine services like blood draw, injections, pap smear and urinalysis at our center in Dunedin. If you are facing any medical issues, you can contact Dr. Robinson for these services:

Massage Therapy Services

A massage is not just for rest and relaxation, but it also offers several physical and emotional benefits. Patients in Dunedin can walk into our center for a relaxing massage which helps relieve any stress, anxiety, and headaches. Various aromatherapy oils when combined with the massage offer added benefits like blood circulation improvement, better posture, lower blood pressure and a relaxed mind and muscles. With a relaxed mind, it is easier to go through the demands of everyday life. Here are the massages you can opt for at our center:

About Dunedin, FL

Dunedin is a city on Florida’s gulf coast. The city is known for its pine forest, beaches and ospreys of Honeymoon Island State Park. The Dunedin Causeway links the island to the mainland, offering views over St. Joseph Sound. Hammock Park in downtown Dunedin is home to owls, woodpeckers and features a butterfly garden. The Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail runs through the city while on the west, kayaks dot the Caladesi Island State Park’s mangroves.