Massage Therapy

Boost your mental and physical health with the tried-and-true benefits of massage therapy.

Massage Therapy

More than Just Relaxation

Don’t get us wrong, finding time for relaxation is critical for your overall mental health. That being said, massage therapy offers a host of health benefits, boosting both your physical and mental well-being after as little as one session. The benefits of massage therapy can include:

Stress Relief

A key to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Improved Posture

Massage therapy reinforces natural and proper movements, which can improve your posture and minimize back pain.

Headache Relief

Massage therapy addresses pressure and pain, which can also reduce the frequency of headaches or migraines.

Lower Blood Pressure

Blood pressure may improve with the help of massage therapy.

Muscular Relaxation

Massage therapy targets the underlying tension that causes your neck, back, or muscle pain.

Anxiety Reduction

Restricted breathing is commonly associated with anxiety and massage therapy relieves respiratory issues and promotes relaxation.

Improved Blood Circulation

The pressure associated with massage therapy helps move blood in otherwise congested areas, improving proper body function.

Kim Mullen


Massage Therapist

Licensed in the State of Florida – #MA53587 | #MM41619

Denise is a motivated holistic wellness practitioner who has been providing services and education to her clientele since 2010.

Denise is a motivated holistic wellness practitioner who has been providing services and education to her clientele since 2010 – to help them achieve a life of improved physical, mental and emotional well-being. She performs massage therapy to clients who experience pain due to injury or chronic illness. She is an acupuncture physician – in training – as well as also adding lymphatic techniques for detoxification to her already wide array of skillsets. Denise previously acted as a certified nurses assistant for 13 years. We are happy to have Denise as a part of our team and think you will too.

See Denise's Certifications
  • East-West College of Natural Medicine
    Oriental Medicine | 2020-Present
    Currently pursuing B.S. in Public Health and M.S. in Oriental Medicine, 2nd year.
  • Everglades University
    Alternative Medicine | 2019-2020
    Transferred with all science perquisites to East-West College of Natural Medicine
  • Sanford-Brown Institute
    Advanced Massage Therapy | 2008
    Graduated with a Certificate in Advanced Massage Therapy

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We offer massage therapy appointments on Fridays between 9:00am and 3:00pm. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to coordinate your massage therapy appointment.

60 Minute Session – $75

90 Minute Session – $120

120 Minute Session – $150

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