Sheila Floyd

Office Administrator

Sheila Sheila joined Robinson Concierge Medicine in August 2013 as the Office Administrator for the practice. Sheila is responsible for oversight of all front and back office operations (Administrative, HR, and Bookkeeping).Sheila is passionate about all areas of Health, Nutrition and Wellness since her daughter has personally struggled for 20 years with GI issues that were inaccurately diagnosed until they realized food was the primary problem. “She hopes to bring value to the practice and sincerity and warmth to the patients we serve.”

Sheila previously worked with the Army and Air Force exchange service in various capacities and served in the corporate world in both healthcare business and financial analyst positions and system project manager capacities for 20 years. She subsequently, worked along- side her spouse as a business owner for 10 years. During those same 10 years, while in ministry, they have worked with individuals suffering from an array of addictions. She and her husband believe a positive lifestyle is the key to healthy living.

In the most recent years she received Florida Life & Health including Variable Annuity Licensure. She brings Hospital ER, OR, OP, IP, and Behavioral Health scheduling experience with her in assisting our patients by coordinating procedures with referring physicians. Sheila and her husband relocated to St. Pete Beach in 2011 from southern Indiana. They have 3 Adult children and one grandchild. She is looking forward to pouring into the lives of her grandchildren, as they grow, as she did her own.

Sheila’s top tips for staying healthy:

  • Listen to your body! It will tell you what it needs or doesn’t need…..Get plenty of Rest
  • Don’t allow more than 3 stressful items into your life space at any one time, and do not allow bitterness or unforgiveness to consume you. It will only impact you, not the other person.
  • Love life and someone else!

Karen Cox

Registered Nurse

Karen Cox (KC)
is a third generation native Floridian, born and raised in Lakeland. KC has a wide range of responsibilities in the office. She brings four decades of nursing experience to us and will be assisting Drs. David and Stacey Robinson with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy procedures and IV Nutritional Therapy. KC is available for a variety of health questions and plan of care follow-up. KC is responsible for phlebotomy (lab draws) for our patients and performing EKG’s/Body Composition Analysis Testing as needed. She maintains clinical and OSHA compliance for the practice assuring quality medical care.After earning her nursing degree, KC was drawn to critical care nursing, and worked in the Operating Room at Lakeland Regional Medical Center. From there, she held positions in Dialysis at The Watson Clinic. After relocating to St. Petersburg she served as the Administrator of a Dialysis facility. KC then joined a home infusion therapy group. KC later secured a position at All Children’s Hospital where she became the Neurolosurgical Coordinator. After 8 years at All Children’s, she joined The Center for Surgical Excellence, a St Petersburg-based, outpatient plastic surgery facility. Her many responsibilities there included maintaining the facility’s AAAASF Outpatient Surgery Certification, Operating Room duties and direct patient care. KC was the Nurse Manager there until she joined RobinsonMD. KC embraces our philosophy of identifying and treating the primary cause of patients’ disease and the importance of building strong relationships with our patients that is the hallmark of our practice.

KC truly embraces our philosophy of a plant-strong diet and using food as medicine. She is an avid gardener and loves spending time tending to her greenhouse. She grows over 20 species of herbs, vegetables, fruits, edible flowers and fruits trees, all organic, pesticide-free.

KC’s top tips for staying healthy:

  • Drink lots of water and put away the salt shaker – use fresh herbs to season food instead.
  • Organic is best!
  • If you can’t grow your own produce, purchase from a local produce market or Farmer’s Market.

Sierra Watson

Medical Services Coordinator

SierraSierra joined the practice in May 2014 and is Dr. Robinson’s Medical Assistant. She will take your vital signs upon arrival for your appointment, administer injections, perform Body Composition Analysis and EKG’s. She will also be assisting with BHRT procedures when necessary. She will document blood work results, explain specialized testing, coordinate your referral to a specialist and maintain patient education material. Sierra is responsible for coordination of all Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy appointments. Lastly, she ensures that you understand your plan of care and that your check-out process is handled seamlessly.She comes to us with experience beyond her years. Sierra exhibits commitment and is not a stranger to wearing many hats. She has worked as a personal and administrative assistant for both a small business owner as well as a national real estate brokerage firm. She spent many years leading customer service training while working on her Real Estate Certification which she completed in 2013, before relocating to Florida.

An interesting fact about Sierra is that she is a licensed model in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee and has print ads to her credit. She became involved with the modeling industry in order to be a positive role model to young girls.

Sierra is very passionate about helping others to be whole in mind, body and spirit. She believes that Dr. Robinson’s heart and practice model promotes that lifestyle.

Sierra’s top tips for staying healthy:

  • Minimize stress as much as possible. You must take time for yourself – for your mental health.
  • Be mindful of the foods you consume and get plenty of rest – for your physical health.
  • Always make time to focus on your spiritual health.

Melissa Joseph

Administrative Assistant

DSC_1365re web (1)Melissa Joseph joined Robinson MD in 2016 to support front office operations and assist in patient care.

Melissa’s has been involved in a healthcare environment for most of her professional career. Her first position, even before completing college, was as a medial administrative assistant for a small private medical practice. She has since devoted many years to a variety of supporting roles in patient services from billing to surgical counseling to complete office management.

Even before earning her Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration from the University of Central Florida, Melissa has called Florida her home. She loves Florida’s warmth and sunshine, and takes every opportunity to enjoy the sand and sea.

Melissa’s top tips for staying healthy:

  • Be happy – it’s a choice you make so don’t let the things that do not matter stress you out. Celebrate the good things in life.
  • Stay active, every day.
  • Establish a routine that exercises your body and your mind.

Donna Ganz

Administrative Assistant

DSC_9757re web (2)
Donna joined Robinson MD in April 2016 and works with us part-time. Her primary focus is accounts receivable billing/bookkeeping. Donna is also responsible for the purchasing of office supplies, supplement inventory and many other back-office administrative duties. Donna is originally from New York and has lived in St. Petersburg since 1996. Donna has a variety of business experience including 10+ years of hospital insurance billing experience and operations at assisted living facilities.  She then shifted to the law enforcement arena as a youth center technician at Lealman Connection Center. She also worked in a variety of positions managing records and reports for the Pinellas County Sheriff’s office. She “officially” retired in 2012 but enjoys staying professionally active by working part-time. Most recently Donna was an Assistant Bookkeeper for an Ophthalmology office before she joined Robinson MD.Donna says she can relate to weight management challenges. She connected to us through our personal trainer and health coach while she was working towards making positive lifestyle changes through exercise and a healthy diet. Donna loves to travel, knit and crochet.

 Donna’s top tips for staying healthy:

  • “Eat your Vegetables.”
  • “Get your Exercise.”
  • “Don’t Beat Yourself Up.”

Becky Diaz

Medical Assistant

Becky joined Robinson MD in September 2016 and is Dr. Robinson’s Medical Assistant. She will take your vital signs upon arrival for your appointment, administer injections, perform Body Composition Analysis and EKG’s. She will also be assisting with BHRT procedures.

Becky has come to us with over 10 years of experience as a medical assistant in the Alternative/Holistic Medicine field, specializing in Bio-identical Hormones and Nutritional IV Therapy. She graduated in 2006 and was hired right out of her externship with Capstone Medical in Pennsylvania. She was the head MA and worked closely with the RN to learn how to do IV’s and ran their IV clinic after the RN left. She did EKG’S and Spirometry, and did patient intake and vitals. She also did prior authorization for submission to insurance companies and scheduled patient’s follow-up appointments and scheduled tests. She became certified in Thermography in 2010 and did the Thermal Imaging for the practice, as well as Body Contouring. Beck believes the Robinson’s philosophy is the same as hers and looks forward to growing with the team!

Becky moved to Florida with her husband and 3 children in March 2016. She would come down to visit family a lot through the years and decided to make it permanent. She enjoys spending time surrounded by her family and friends. They are always looking for new places to explore and love being out on the water or on shore with their feet buried in the sand.

 Becky’s top tips for staying healthy:

  • “Life is too short, smile more, appreciate what you have and be happy, take time to stop and smell the roses and take in your surroundings.”
  • “Practice random acts of kindness, you never know who is in need of a blessing.”
  • “Be child-like. When it comes to certain things, children do them way better than we do.”

Davis Robinson

Office Support

_PAN8784re 8x10 (1)Davis Robinson joined the practice in the fall of 2015 and works part-time, offering staff support in a variety of ways, as needed. He is always willing to answer the phone and distribute incoming and outgoing mail. He helps on special projects, organization of medical records and supplement receipt. Davis is a student at the St. Petersburg High School International Baccalaureate program and is interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice. He is an avid baseball player and Tampa Bay Rays fan. His hobbies include collecting “vinyl” (especially Beatles), fishing and skimboarding. He can also solve a Rubik’s cube in 36 seconds.

Davis’ top tips for staying healthy:

  • Stay active
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Do something every day to relax like listening to music