Primary Care Membership Services

Membership Plans Services

The following services are included in our Membership Packages

Annual Physical, Routine & Urgent Visits
TeleMedicine (Phone or Video) Follow Up
Blood Draw (Phlebotomy Service)
Body Composition Analysis
EKG & Holter Monitor Placement
Routine Immunization Flu, TDAP, Pneumonia, Shingles
Well Woman Gynecologic Exam/Pap Smear
Injections-Vitamin B12/Lipolean, Anti Nausea, and Anti Inflammatory
Laceration Repair & Suture Removal
Joint and Soft Tissue Injections
Guidance & Formulation of Custom Vitamins and Supplements
Rapid Flu, Strep & COVID Testing
Freezing of Benign Skin Lesions
Ear Irrigation
Travel Consultations
Advocacy/Assistance for Hospital and ER
Specialty and Radiology Referral Coordination

Fee for Service Offerings

Nutritional IV and Ozone Therapy
Bemer (included in Platinum package)
Sauna (included in Platinum package)
Massage Therapy
ROAMD Travel Assurance (included in Platinum package)
PFT (Pulmonary Function Testing)

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