Overnight Oats

There are several advantages of having overnight oats for breakfast – there is no cooking required, they are prepared the night before and it is healthy and delicious. This is the basic recipe. There are a vast number of recipe combinations so you can be creative.

Basic Ingredients:

• *1/2 cup rolled oats – you can use steel cut oats but they will be chewier)

• 2 Tbls ground chia or flax seed this gives you a boost of healthy omega-3 fats

• 1 cup liquid I prefer non-dairy milk, either coconut, almond or cashew milk. You can use soy milk but make sure it is organic/non-GMO as most soy in the U.S. is GMO. You can also use 50:50 combinations of unsweetened yogurt and milk. You can adjust the liquid depending on how thick you like your oatmeal.

• Sweetener You can use honey, pure maple syrup, coconut sugar, or brown sugar, raw cane sugar or organic apple sauce.

• Spices – 1/8 to 1 teaspoon

• Fruit – 1/4 cup

• Nuts – Toasted and chopped or slivered are best. Toasted coconut is also delicious as a topping.


Mix the oats, chia or flax, milk, sweetener and spices in a mason jar. Place fruit and nuts on top. Seal and refrigerate overnight.

*If you have sensitivity to gluten or want to be gluten free, make sure to buy gluten-free oats. Oats do not contain gluten but are often contaminated in processing.


Apple Pie


Peaches & Cream

Blueberry & Almond

Spices/flavors1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp nutmeg
2 Tbls natural peanut or almond butter1/2 tsp cinnamon1/8 tsp Pure vanilla extract
LiquidCoconut milkAlmond milkCashew milkCoconut milk
Fruit1/2 apple – dicedRaspberries or StrawberriesPeachesBlueberries
Nuts1 Tbls walnutsNonePecansAlmonds
Sweetener2 Tbls applesauce1 Tbls maple syrup2 Tbls honeyCoconut sugar




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