Membership Plans

From the medicine we practice to the plan structures we offer, flexibility and a patient-first philosophy are key.

Membership Plans

*Specialized Testing is available at additional fee to all patients under other plan types

**Please Contact Us for Plan Availability


ReCODE (reversing cognitive decline) and PreCODE (prevention of cognitive decline) are personalized therapeutic programs that target and treat the root cause of cognitive decline and degenerative conditions of the brain.

Add-On Pricing

PreCODE Treatment – $1,200 Annually
ReCODE Treatment – $2,400 Annually
PreCODE/ReCODE Health Coach – Multiple Packages Available, Inquire for more detail

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What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is a patient-physician arrangement in which the patient pays an annual fee for more accessible and personalized service. This model allows the physician to limit the number of patients in the practice in order to provide a more thorough, accessible, and individualized level of care.

The first practice to implement concierge medicine was started in 1996, and there are now tens of thousands of practices that offer this model of care. We have been offering this service since 2008, making Robinson MD one of the first concierge practices in the Tampa Bay area.

Consultation Package

  • Review of all prior records, labs, radiology, and other test results
  • Initial visit with Dr. Robinson
  • EKG and Body Composition Testing
  • New lab draw in our office – processed and billable at the lab of your choosing
  • Other testing which may include urine, saliva, and/or stool through specialty labs
  • Secondary visit with Dr. Robinson to discuss all results and written plan of care

Total Price: $1175.00

* In-Office Procedures include blood draws, EKG, body composition testing, gynecologic exams, injections, laceration repair & suture removal, freezing of benign skin lesions, rapid flu and strep testing, ear irrigation, joint injections and routine immunizations (Flu, Tetanus, Pneumonia vaccines, Shingles).

** Some patients may require additional membership options such as patients with more complex health care needs requiring significantly increased care due to: advanced age, multiple complex medical conditions, frequent coordination with specialists and/or communication with caregivers. This would be discussed with MD after review of new patient paperwork (including current and historical medical records) for discussion, prior to your first visit.

Annual Fees may also be paid in semi-annual, quarterly or monthly payments with installment fee.

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