Functional and concierge medicine in Clearwater

Concierge medicine is fast gaining popularity and you can also benefit from it if you live in Clearwater. Dr. Stacey J Robinson and her staff offer individual attention and care at their functional and concierge medicine center in Clearwater. Getting excellent and compassionate care empowers you to achieve optimal health. With concierge medicine services available to you in Clearwater, patients do not have to queue up to see their doctor anymore. You will have access to Dr. Robinson via cellphone, texting or emails 24/7.

You can be assured of undivided attention and unlike a hospital visit where you get a few minutes of the doctor’s time, Dr. Robinson’s patients get at least 30 minutes with her. You are seen right away and guided to the best facilities and specialists when required. The staff at the center designs a specialized treatment plan for you and your progress is tracked meticulously to ensure you achieve health goals. Functional medicine offered by Robinson MD does not simply treat the symptoms but targets the root cause of an illness, aiming at restoring your body’s natural healing ability.

Functional and concierge services

In addition to saving you time and headache, concierge medicine at Robinson MD, Clearwater also means that you reduce the amount of medication you have been taking. The mission at Robinson MD is to make your lives more productive. You will find many routine services like injections, blood draw, pap smear, ear irrigation and urinalysis at the center. When faced with any medical issue, patients in Clearwater can confidently walk into Dr. Robinson’s center for these services:

Massage Therapy services

If you thought a massage only offered you rest and relaxation, you must know that it also has several physical and emotional benefits. Patients in Clearwater can now walk into Dr. Robinson’s center for a relaxing massage that can help relieve headaches, anxiety, and stress. It also helps with improvement in blood circulation and posture while reducing your blood pressure. When your muscles and mind are relaxed, it will be easier to deal with the everyday demands of life. Dr. Robinson also offers massages with various aromatherapy oils that yield greater benefits. You can walk into Robinson MD in Clearwater for:

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Clearwater is located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. The city is famous for its sunny weather and gulf coast beaches. The Clearwater beach is on a 3-mile barrier island, a stretch of white sand with restaurants and hotels. An Intracoastal waterway separates Clearwater city from the Clearwater beach. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium rehabilitates injured sea turtles and dolphins. The bottlenose dolphins Hope and Winter live here.