Hear From Our Patients

Who better to talk about our practice than the patients who have experienced it first-hand? Take a look at what they have to say.

Hear From Our Patients

Concierge Medicine Testimonials

“Almost immediately after joining Dr. Robinson’s practice, I had a medical issue. Dr. Robinson saw me immediately and gave me 100% of her attention. No waiting in a crowded waiting room with other sick patients while you wait seemingly forever to get your turn for the doctor’s five minutes of time. Dr. Robinson and her staff make me feel special every time I have contact with them.”

-Robert Arroyo, MBA, AAMS

Accredited Asset Management Specialist, Financial Advisor

“My experience with Dr. Robinson and the peace of mind that comes from having a personal health coach has been priceless. She offers a premier service to people like me who are striving for success in all aspects of our lives. Having a doctor on speed-dial is invaluable. I avoided the time-wasting hassle of phone trees, crowded waiting rooms, and maybe even a half-day excursion to the ER. I was cared for at my convenience and saved my most valuable asset, my time.”

-Barb Kyes, Retired RN

President & Managing Partner Action COACH Pinellas

“Dr. Robinson is a patient caregiver who truly is patient. I am a guy and in the past, I have not always (hardly ever) done the things that we all know are important to maintain and improve our health and wellbeing. Through her encouragement, I have taken positive steps that I absolutely would not have done, left to my own devices. She is an advocate who understands the art and science of medicine and boils it all down to a message that I can understand and buy into. Knowing that I have access to her services and skills provides true peace of mind.”

-Charlie S, St Petersburg, FL

“I love the practice! The doctor and her staff give me such personal attention. Dr. Robinson is a very good listener and never dismisses any crazy idea or question that I have. She explains things very clearly and always has a written plan and to-do list for me when I leave the office. I love that she is interested in the whole, not just the parts, and sees the big picture regarding my health.”

-Diana C., St Petersburg FL

“Robinson Concierge Medicine has been a tremendous asset for our family. Prompt medical services and advice without the stress of long waiting lines. For a busy family who travels often, having access to Dr. Robinson through e-mail, SKYPE and phone provides us peace of mind when on the road. In today’s confusing, changing medical landscape Robinson Concierge is our Rock of stability.”

-Michael G., Indian Rocks Beach, FL

“Unbelievable fee structure!” Every baby boomer heading for Medicare should join. A fixed fee for personal health management with the benefits of disaster care covered by private insurance or Medicare… a no brainer.”

-John Kells, Ph.D

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Testimonials

“After going through menopause, I suffered from severe vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. I had tried different types of hormone preparations but nothing worked. I decided to try pellet therapy and this was the best decision that I have ever made. Within a few months, my vaginal dryness and pain were resolved. I also had more energy, a better mood, and finally, my sex drive returned. Another surprise benefit was that after having years of restless sleep, I started sleeping like a baby. The pellets have had a profound effect on my marriage as well as my overall quality of life.”

-Mary, Age 65

“I have suffered from depression and low sex drive for many years. I tried testosterone cream with only slight improvement. I was hesitant about getting the hormone pellets at first. Since I have been getting the hormone pellets, I have had better sex than when I was in my 20’s. I have more energy, motivation and a sense of well-being. I have been able to quit smoking and have decreased my body fat and improved muscle strength. I will never stop getting bio-identical hormone pellets!”

-Lea, Age 62

“I have suffered from pain and fatigue for years that I attributed to an autoimmune condition. Dr. Robinson identified low testosterone and since I have been getting testosterone replacement therapy, I have the energy and strength to exercise, have gained muscle strength and have much less pain. I had a vacation planned for months that I wasn’t looking forward to taking due to my symptoms but now I am looking forward to enjoying this vacation with my wife. I never dreamed that I could feel this good again!”

-Mark, Age 48

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