What is the Bredesen Protocol?

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most devastating and feared diseases with no effective treatment and no known cure. It robs your memory and your mind and turns your family into caregivers. Alzheimer’s disease is a billion-dollar business for the pharmaceutical industry despite the fact that medications are not effective at preventing or treating the disease. The Bredesen Protocol is a treatment plan currently under study that seeks to diagnose, prevent, and reverse the factors that contribute to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and its different types. This is done through a program of extensive testing and guided lifestyle changes to simultaneously address what are proposed to be some of the underlying causes of Alzheimer’s.

How does it work?

The protocol begins with thorough, targeted testing to determine the current state of cognitive decline in each patient, along with highlighting specific areas of concern that may be causing or augmenting the onset. These tests can include blood tests or cognitive evaluations to establish the patient’s overall mental and physical health. With this comprehensive baseline for treatment, a specialist can then guide the patient through tangible steps to take in achieving specific lifestyle changes that may prevent or reverse onset. In short, the Bredesen Protocol functions on the idea that Alzheimer’s can often be prevented or reversed by addressing multiple points of imbalance.

What does the Bredesen Protocol address?

The protocol takes a wide view of the patient’s entire lifestyle and state of health because it’s believed that there are many, many factors that can contribute to the onset of the different types of Alzheimer’s. Key factors that are addressed include genetic dispositions, metabolic issues, nutritional insufficiencies or deficiencies, cognitive habits, diet, and activity level. The best candidates for the Bredesen Protocol are those who are at risk but do not yet have symptoms or those with early symptoms (mild cognitive decline).

Does it work?

The search and study for ways to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s are constantly evolving in the ever-progressing world of medicine. The Bredesen Protocol has been shown in a significant number of patients to display cognitive improvement while following this plan. While the Bredesen Protocol seeks to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s in patients, it also advocates for a global effort to understand and cure Alzheimer’s through the help of experts who already practice the functional principles of the protocol. By applying the protocol, the medical community can further optimize and understand the treatment options available to patients around the world.

It’s important to act quickly and effectively if you or your loved ones begin to see signs of onset. To learn more about the Bredesen Protocol and how Dr. Robinson can help, contact our office to schedule an appointment.