The #3 supplement you should consider taking is calcium with minerals. If you need to get caught up, read the previous blogs about whether to take supplements, how to check quality, and the top #1 and #2 supplements. Connect with us on facebook or twitter to get the blog feeds and other great health articles and quotes.

  • The best source of dietary calcium is not dairy. The best sources of calcium and minerals are greens (kale, collard, mustard, turnip), fresh herbs, nuts (almonds and Brazil), seeds (sesame and flax) and oily fish (herring, salmon). These foods are rich in calcium and minerals that are essential to life.
  • Calcium is not the most important nutrient for bone health. There are over 10 nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and hormones) essential to bone health and all work together  to constantly renew our bones.
  • Taking calcium without Vitamin D is like taking a nutrient without the vehicle to get it where it needs to go. Read more about Vitamin D…
  • In my opinion, the best form of calcium is MCHC (MicroCrystalline Hydroxyapatite Concentrate) followed by Calcium Citrate Malate (CCM), Calcium Gluconate and lastly Calcium Carbonate.
  • If you don’t think you get the nutrients you need for bone health, you should take a supplement with calcium and minerals. You need to make sure they are good quality and forms of the vitamins that your body can use. My favorite over-the-counter (OTC) bone health supplement is Jarrow’s Bone-Up.
  • If you are a women over 40 or have ever been told you have osteoporosis or osteopenia (“slightly decreased bone density”), you must get this test for bone turnover. If you have accelerated bone loss, the supplement Osaplex can significantly reduce bone loss more effectively than medications like Fosamax which block the bone renewal process. Osaplex contains calcium, Vitamin D, and ch-OSA which provides the collagen binding sites for calcium within the bone, providing bone flexibility and resistance to fracture.
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