Today’s medicine often consists of treating symptoms. We go to the doctor when we experience a symptom and treatment often revolves around relieving it. However, functional medicine stresses the importance of finding the root cause of the symptom in order to properly treat it and restore balance to the body! Functional medicine operates under these principles:

It looks at each patient as unique

Functional medicine understands that each patient is unique in genetic makeup and personal history. Therefore, the individual person is treated instead of the disease. Traditional medicine tends to group patients based on the disease or illness they suffer from, while functional medicine places importance on looking at the individual to determine the best course of treatment.

It is science based

Functional medicine is deeply science based, meaning it looks at the body’s complicated network of genetic material, age, gender, and lifestyle choices in order to understand where the disease is coming from. Functional medicine avoids making generalizations based on the disease itself, looking within the body’s functioning as a whole.

It believes that bodies are self-healing

Functional medicine looks at the delicate balance of the body and how it regulates itself. Functional medicine believes that the body has the power to heal itself, and by understanding how it works on an individual basis, we can also understand what might be interfering with it! By helping the body heal how it’s supposed to instead of forcing it to work differently, a more effective and long-term solution can be found.

It knows that health is a state of immense vitality

Many treatments today aim to cover up the symptoms that the body is showing. Functional medicine understands that health isn’t just the absence of these symptoms and disease, but total balance within the body’s function. So, instead of looking at what drug can treat which symptoms, functional medicine searches for the root cause and how to rebalance the body.

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