What is Functional Medicine?

A patient-centered approach aimed at treating the root cause of illness.

Each Patient is One-of-a-Kind.
Each Treatment Should Be, Too

Functional medicine is a holistic, personalized approach that places an emphasis on understanding each patient’s unique circumstances and characteristics. By doing this, Dr. Robinson is able to work with you to isolate and treat the underlying causes of your symptoms, not just your symptoms themselves, in order to promote long-term health and well-being.

Your Biological Uniqueness Matters

Under the conventional approach to medicine, symptoms are isolated, categorized, and named into a condition. Then, a certain kind of medication is given to those who seem to have this condition with little regard for their unique lifestyle, psychological circumstances, or personal history. In conventional medicine, your biological uniqueness is an afterthought. In functional medicine, it is the foundation upon which your treatment plan is built. Functional medicine physicians take into account a wide array of characteristics when coming up with your treatment plan, including:

Nutrition and Food Intolerances

Exercise and Activity Level

Physical and Emotional Stressors

Sleep Quantity & Quality

Exposure to Environmental Toxins

Pre-existing Conditions

Family History

Lifestyle Factors

Your Overall Health Goals

Your Personal Treatment Preferences

Prevention vs. Reaction

Conventional medicine is reactive while functional medicine is proactive. By getting to the root cause of illness and screening for biomarkers early on, the functional approach works to promote health and prevent future disease. Where conventional medicine focuses on symptom suppression and disease management, functional medicine is about whole body health

Take Your Time

The average conventional medicine visit for a primary care physician is 15 minutes long, during which time the patient speaks for an average of 5 minutes. To say that these constraints afford physicians little time to dive deep into their patients’ story and individual needs is an understatement. Patients need time with their physicians – this valuable one-on-one time is a pillar of the functional approach, where the average patient visit lasts anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes.

Our Functional Medicine
Consultation Package

A standard functional medicine package consists of the following:

  • Physician review of all prior records including labs, imaging, testing, and physician notes
  • Initial comprehensive visit with Dr. Robinson to include EKG, and body composition analysis
  • Comprehensive blood work – (blood is drawn in our office and billable at the lab of your choosing)
  • Specialty testing to be determined by Robinson at your initial visit (billed to insurance if covered)
  • Secondary visit with Dr. Robinson to discuss laboratory results and your plan of care

Specialty lab testing is not included in the consultation package. Some tests are covered by insurance depending on your plan. Other tests may require additional costs.

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