Your Guide to Gut Health

Your gut health plays a major role in your overall wellness. Get the tools you need to make the most of your gut health.

Your Guide to Gut Health

The Truth About Good Bacteria

Your Gut is also referred to as your Microbiome

Your gut is also referred to as your microbiome

and that’s because it’s home to millions of good bacteria (also known as probiotics). When well-balanced and optimized, these good bacteria have beneficial functions that reach far beyond your gut.

Your Microbiome and Its Impact

The good bacteria in your gut have incredible responsibility for your overall health. Here are some of the functions of your microbiome:

  • Prevents against infections
  • Keeps your immune system in balance
  • Produces B-Vitamins and Vitamin K
  • Turns dietary fiber into short chain fatty acids such as butyrate which fuel the cells in your digestive tract
  • Protects the gut lining from damage
  • Communicates with your brain to help regulate your emotions and mood

Your Microbiome and You

Your diet has a major impact on your microbiome. To keep your gut bacteria as well-balanced and thriving as possible, make sure you:

  • Eat a well-balanced diet comprised of whole, nutrient-rich foods
    Eat a diverse array of plants to get the prebiotic fiber that feed your gut microbiome
  • Ingest foods that are naturally high in probiotics, like yogurt, pickled vegetables, and kombucha
  • Avoid processed foods and artificial sweeteners
  • Eat organic whenever possible because pesticides also destroy your gut bacteria
  • Talk to your doctor about whether you should take probiotics or probiotics to support your microbiome

Make the Most of Your Gut Health

Your gut health is as unique as your one-of-a-kind health journey. We believe in testing (not guessing) to determine the best course of action to optimize the health of your gut.

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